Tony In Action

This sneak peek will give you an idea of the awesome and inspirational presentation your audience will be watching.

On Holmes Show

Professional keynote speaker Tony Christiansen is interviewed by renowned television broadcaster, the late Sir Paul Holmes on Prime Television NZ.

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How exactly does a man with no legs manage to stand head and shoulders over the rest of us?

In Attitude Plus!, Tony shares some of the secrets of his success in his trademark down-to-earth manner as a keynote speaker. 

This book also includes pictures and the inspirational speaker's account of his climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Tony is the best inspirational speaker in Australasia!

Jim Hainey, Owner
Speakers New Zealand 


Need an inspirational speaker to inspire your team into
a can-do attitude?

Tony Christiansen has a story to tell. It's a story everybody will relate to, it's an unforgettable and inspiring story. This inspirational speaker will make you go home believing that nothing is beyond your abilities.

Looking for a keynote speaker to set a positive tone
to start off your conference? 

From the first time you set eyes on Tony, you will be in awe because without any words, there is no denying that he is different. He doesn't have any legs. 

Yet he has achieved more in his life that most of us are even willing to try. And he will tell you how you can achieve it too. Just remember to leave him his keynote speaker job.

Or an after-dinner speaker to end your event
on a high note? 

Tony, a truly inspirational keynote speaker, has spoken to people from all walks of life, from powerful politicians and successful business people to veterans and students, across many countries and cultures. 

He is humorous, bold and straight-talking. You will laugh. You may even cry. His message is important. It is thought-provoking. And he is truly inspirational. 

Commanding standing ovations around the world, Tony Christiansen's story will hit right where it matters. He will break through and your audience will respond.




Tony seeks no favours from anyone. He is one tough, committed
individual to whom God delivered a cruel blow at a young age. And
he has spent the rest of his life making sure that others he meets
around the world can benefit from his misfortune.

- Peter Physick, Managing Director        
Speakers Australia