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Race You To The Top - The Incredible Story Of Tony Christiansen

So how does he do it? What is the secret to keynote speaker Tony Christiansen's success? And what does he have to say to those of us who are able-bodied?

This is an inspirational story about a nine-year-old boy who lost his legs in a railway accident but chose not to say can't.

In Race You to the Top, Tony Christiansen tells his story simply and directly, with the down-to-earth humor and common sense that have made him so popular on the international speaking circuit.

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Written in his own words, with the assistance of Liz Dobson, a Permanent New Zealand editor, sports reporter and free lance writer.

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Attitude Plus! - Tony Christiansen's Secrets Of Success

In Attitude Plus!, Tony shares some of the secrets of his success. How exactly does a man with no legs manage to stand head and shoulders over the rest of us? 

In his trademark down-to-earth way, Tony encourages us all to make the most of life and the opportunities and challenges it presents.

With humour and insight, in the examples of his own life and those of others who have inspired him, he shows how much can be achieved when we set our own challenges, rather than accept the limitations imposed by other people's attitudes and perceptions.

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This book also includes pictures and the story of Tony's climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Like his bestselling autobiography Race You To The Top, this book - written with journalist Liz McKeown - will inspire and enlighten your life. 

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Tony Christiansen - Keynote Speaker Video / DVD

The video/DVD is a compilation of the speaking presentation at the National Speakers Association Convention in Washington D.C. where Tony was the main keynote speaker.

There are excerpts from the television program "20/20" featuring Tony's achievements plus special interviews taken from the current affairs television program "Holmes".

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This video/DVD also contain footage of Tony at some of his favourite activities including motor-racing, aviation, sky-diving, jet-skiing and of course, sharing his inspiring story.


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Inside Out CD - Inspiring Music by Martin Way

When Tony needed music to be worked into his presentations, he met Martin Way who produced 4 songs exclusively for Tony that included inspirational lyrics.

These songs and 7 others have been put together to produce Inside Out.

Uplifting and positive with lyrics that produce a "feel good" result, this is a great way to start the day. Inspire yourself to achieve your goals with the music of Martin Way.

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This CD includes Reach For The Sky and Know What I Mean, songs that are in Tony's presentation.