We all have the capacity for greatness within us; we just have to take all the opportunities - and sometimes the risk - to reach the next step of the journey towards being the very best that we can be.
— Tony Christiansen, City Councillor (2010 - 2013)

Tony was born in Tauranga, New Zealand's fifth largest and fastest growing city, where he calls home. 

At the local body elections 2010, Tony put his name forward for a seat in the Tauranga City Council and was elected as the highest polling at-large candidate with 10,862 votes. And hence began a new chapter in his life as a public servant. 

I call him “the big sponge”, the way he absorbs knowledge. He’s got a huge amount of self-belief.
— Larry Baldock, Fellow City Councillor & Politician

As with everything he chooses to do, Tony brought his passion, enthusiasm, positive attitude and persistence in making the changes he sought and wanted in the organisation for the entire duration of his appointment. 

He enjoyed his time as a City Councillor, valued the incredible learning he gained and considered his time in local body politics a big but extremely interesting challenge.