"Your life story has indeed brought much inspiration to the audience, challenging them to break free from their attitudinal limitations and to believe in themselves to achieve greater heights." 

Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik - Chairman
Malaysia Mental Literacy Movement

"The standing ovation you received says it all. Your story of courage and overcoming what would destroy most people was truly inspirational. The RYLA Awardees continued to use your inspirational message throughout the week and you were rated top in the assessments completed."

Greg Walker - President 2011/12 
Downtown Auckland Rotary Club
Auckland, New Zealand 

"Tony is awesome! He is an inspiration just to know him and he is excellent at telling his story and moving his audience to grow, take risks and break through barriers."

Nancy Lauterbach - Owner
Lauterbach Management Global
Arizona, USA

"Tony’s effect on the audience was profound. There were tears, laughter and a palpable sense of awe; not only at his achievements but also his attitude towards what would have been a huge disability for most. He engaged the audience on a personal level and really connected to each and every one."

Eleanor Currier - Manager
NZ Institute Of Chartered Accountants Wellington, New Zealand

"I was instantly inspired by Tony's story and presentation. I work with many keynote speakers and consider Tony the best of the best. His drive, motivation and passion for life are infectious and on more than one occasion have literally scared the bejesus out of me!"

Blair Graham - Event Director
BLARE Event Management
Auckland, New Zealand

"Your delivery was extremely engaging and inspiring. We believe that your sharing will help immensely in the career development of our agents and eventually create a new founding wave of strong leaders. You had really inspired our agents and staffs with a firing motivation and the burning desire to succeed."

Nguyen Quang Tam - Deputy CEO
Baoviet Life Corp.
Hanoi, Vietnam 

"Thank you for sharing your inspirational anecdotes and to motivate everyone that with determination and believing in yourself we can achieve anything and that the sky is the limit. Often, we do not challenge ourselves. We believe that we cannot do what we are able to do, what we have the potential to do. The words Tony used are ‘mindset’, ‘perceptions’ and ‘believing in yourself’. I think those are really, really very important. So I really want to thank Tony for the most inspiring speech and I'm sure that the messages he gave will last with us for a very long time."

Halimah Yacob 
Speaker Of Singapore Parliament

"Your presentation had the desired outcome (and then some!). The feedback that I have received from the participants has been overwhelming, and I know that you have made a significant impact on their lives."

Darren O'Connor
ANZ Supply Chain Director
CSL Biotherapies
Melbourne, Australia

"Tony's life story is inspirational. The way he shares his story made it not only inspirational but entertaining. It had a great impact on the audience."

Jody Dharmawan - President Director
PT Lee Cooper
Jakarta, Indonesia

"Tony’s presentation was fantastic. He is a remarkable man and his stories have a way of touching everyone who has the privilege to hear him."

Jeff Dobson - Chairman
New Zealand Drag Racing Association Hamilton, New Zealand 

"I'm a pretty positive person but Tony's story reinforced that I had to keep living, not feel sorry for myself and keep enjoying life & help other people. Sometimes life is hard but its totally rewarding when you can be part of a major event like Inferno 2016 and help bring someone like Tony into other peoples lives."

Anne Brunton - Programme Director
Inferno 2016 - 13th New Zealand Venture
Rotorua, New Zealand

"Tony demonstrates success as a mindset that depends on your attitude. His achievements and the way he tells his story inspires his audience with a level of humour that only someone with Tony's background can elude to. As a motivational speaker, I truly don't know anyone better."

Perry Scarfe
National Manager Business Development
Sydney, Australia

"Tony is simply an amazing speaker. He is an inspiration in his own right but when he addresses an audience, he takes them to places they thought impossible. He is a "must see" speaker. He is world-class and he is as Kiwi as they come. You will forever remember the day you heard Tony Christiansen."

David Nottage - Director
Torque Limited
Auckland, New Zealand

"Tony inspired everyone to review their attitudes and goals and showed us that nothing needs to stand in our way of our passions. His humour and creativity (especially with the trestles) made his presentation great to listen to! I couldn’t recommend him enough!"

Sarah Ulrich
Internal Communications Coordinator
Auckland, New Zealand

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