"Tony seeks no favours from anyone. He is one tough, committed individual to whom God delivered a cruel blow at a young age. And he has spent the rest of his life making sure that others he meets around the world can benefit from his misfortune."

Peter Physick - Managing Director
Speakers Australia, Sydney

"You gave so much more than you realised! Absolutely loved your inspirational talk."

Jennifer Devenish-Meares
Acton, Mandurah

"Not only do you have a real story to tell and the ability to tell it in a way that reaches every audience, but you also have the scores on the board to show. It's how we respond to things that affect us that really matters."

Dr. Neil Flanagan
International Bestselling Author, Brisbane

"Tony Christiansen is an inspiring and gifted motivational speaker. I engaged Tony to speak with 400 students at my kid's school. Tony went out of his way to make the presentation relevant, meaningful and thought-provoking for this young audience. Tony then presented to the Entrepreneurs' Organisation and was able to tailor his presentation and message to impact 100 business leaders and their families. Well done Tony, your story and drive are great examples and inspirational to every listener."

Wayne Gerard - Managing Director
Sales Development Group, Brisbane

"Tony demonstrates success as a mindset that depends on your attitude. His achievements and the way he tells his story inspires his audience with a level of humour that only someone with Tony's background can elude to. As a motivational speaker, I truly don't know anyone better."

Perry Scarfe
National Manager Business Development
Tyres4U, Sydney

"Tony's unique story had us hanging on his every word. His delivery, timing, humour and emotion are all FIRST CLASS!"

Australian Consolidated Press 

"I laughed, I cried just a little, and I was blown away when I saw Tony speak. He is amazing - as a speaker, a motivator and a teacher of what's possible..."

Catherine Palin-Brinkworth
Managing Director
BEST Training Systems, Gold Coast 

"Tony received a standing ovation at the end of his talk. There wasn’t one of us in the audience who was not thinking that Tony was twice the man he might have been. This was due to his correct belief in himself. He was not half the man that his physical appearance presented."

Rob Kitchingman - Business Manager
Huntingtontower School, Melbourne

"I'm not a big fan of "adversity speakers" but Tony Christiansen is one that I find genuinely inspiring. When I first saw his presentation, I thought, "If he can do all that without legs, what can I do?", and you will also be motivated to accomplish more."

Ron Lee - Certified Speaking Professional
National Speakers Association, Sydney

"I was very impressed with Tony's openness and honesty. The way he was able to convey his strong personal values in such simple yet effective terms... certainly proved both entertaining and thought-provoking. He has an important message that needs sharing." 

Nigel Hansen - Manager
Westpac Banking Corporation

"The group looks forward to the keynote at the end of the conference every year... Tony successfully moved the audience to feel a roller coaster of emotions throughout his presentation, leaving them inspired by his achievements and motivated to strive for their personal best in all part of their life."

Tehlia Vinton - Production Manager
BUPA Sales Leadership Group Summit

"Your presentation had the desired outcome (and then some!)... The feedback that I have received from the participants has been overwhelming, and I know that you have made a significant impact on their lives."

Darren O'Connor
ANZ Supply Chain Director
CSL Biotherapies, Melbourne