I love to win but it’s really the joy of competing that gets my motor running. And that’s important with all aspects of life. Get out there and strive to do what you enjoy. You are here for a good time, not necessarily a long time.
— Tony Christiansen, Motor-Racing Champion

When Tony was 12, his Dad built him his first cart and many hours were spent at the local go-cart track racing with his mates. Tony enjoyed motor sports because it put him on a level playing field with his competitors.

He moved into speedway racing his midget race car called "Toenails" in the open class and over the years have won several races locally at the Baypark Speedway and domestically.

Tony's next stint in motorsport was in the Pre 65 circuit, racing a Mark 3 Zephyr and an XP V8 Falcon. 

Tony’s presentation was fantastic. He is a remarkable man and his stories have a way of touching everyone who has the privilege to hear him.
— Jeff Dobson, New Zealand Drag Racing Association

From there, Tony returned to speedway and made his sprint car debut at Western Springs in November 1996. Driving on a tight circuit among 25 other cars each boasting up to 700hp, sprint car racing remains the most demanding Tony has attempted yet. 

In August 2008, Tony modified his drag racer and ventured to the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, USA where he achieved a top speed of 182mph earning him the reputation of being "The World's Fastest Amputee". 

Tony's latest addition to his motor racing career is a Star Car which races at top speeds of over 200 kph. He is also upgrading his drag car with a supercharger and expects to run the quarter-mile in under 8 seconds when it is ready.