Don’t use traumas in our lives as an excuse not to achieve your dreams. Make things happen in your life. Push the boundaries and just do it!
— Tony Christiansen, Scuba Diver

For many years, a sport like scuba diving was a dream for Tony. 

Then in mid-2002, Tony had a chance meeting with Master Instructor Gareth Rathlou who was engaged by Scuba Schools International in New Zealand to develop the adaptive scuba diving program. 

As always, he seized the opportunity and became one of the first disabled persons in New Zealand to be certified scuba divers.  A dream was realised and Tony was introduced to a whole new world under the sea. 

Tony Christiansen is an inspiring and gifted motivational speaker. Well done Tony, your story and personal drive are a great example and inspiration to every listener.
— Wayne Gerard, Sales Development Group Australia

Tony obtained his Open Water Diver certification that same year and has now logged over 200 dives. He enjoys diving tremendously and says he does not do it enough.

Tony scuba dives most often in New Zealand but has also dived in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines.