If you know what your goals are and if you are clear about why you want them, you will always find a way to achieve them.
— Tony Christiansen, Athlete

Tony's career in athletics began very shortly after his accident when 2 swimming coaches were determined to teach the disabled young boy to swim.

Within 5 months of his first lesson, less than a year after his accident and at only 10 years of age, Tony swam a mile non-stop.

Several years later, he beat the Mayor of Tauranga in the Annual Harbour "Swimathon".

At 15, Tony became involved in the disabled sports movement and soon trained for the National Disabled Games in Wellington. He became the best in New Zealand in his grade. 

His ‘Never Say Die Attitude’ is living proof of the extraordinary human spirit and I was truly and incredibly impressed with Tony.
— Jake Abdullah, AMP Radio Networks Malaysia

He competed in wheelchair racing, shot put, discus, javelin and of course, swimming. Three years later, Tony won the New Zealand Herald Junior Sports Award for paraplegic sports. 

Throughout Tony's athletics career, he represented New Zealand 5 times at the World Games, Far East and South Pacific Games for the Disabled (FESPIC) and Paralympics Qualifying Games. He won 35 medals including 12 Gold, 17 Silver and 6 Bronze medals.