Don’t let other people determine what your limits are. I got 17% for School Certificate English yet I have now written 3 bestseller books. Go figure.
— Tony Christiansen, Bestselling Author

With the encouragement and advice of friend and mentor Tom Bradley, Tony documented his life story and subsequently published it his first book Race You To The Top. It is written simply and directly in his trademark down-to-earth way.

After successfully scaling the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tony published his second book Attitude Plus!. With humour and insight, in the examples of his own life and those of others who have inspired him, he shows how much can be achieved when we set our own challenges, rather than accept the limitations imposed by other people's attitudes and perceptions.

Thank you Tony for being such an inspiration. I have now read your book 6 times and whenever I need some motivation, I read it again.
— Kusuma Putra, Online Entrepreneur

Through Tony's involvement with schools and community youth groups, he published his third book Don't Just Sit There which is adapted from Race You To The Top for young readers. 

All 3 books reached the New Zealand bestseller list. Tony is currently working on his 4th book.