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Hit By A Train

A documentary about the life of professional speaker Tony Christiansen.

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How exactly does a man with no legs manage to stand head and shoulders over the rest of us?

In Attitude Plus!, Tony shares some of the secrets of his success in his trademark down-to-earth manner as a keynote speaker. 

This book also includes pictures and the inspirational speaker's account of his climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Not only do you have a real story to tell and the ability to tell it in a way that reaches every audience, but you also have the scores on the board to show. It's how we respond to things that affect us that really matters.

- Dr. Neil Flanagan,
International Best-selling Author 
Brisbane, Australia 

Conquering Kilimanjaro

"No matter how difficult the journey may seem, don’t give up. Persistence will get you there."

In 2002, Tony was invited by Korean Broadcasting System to scale Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro with 2 other disabled Koreans. 

He climbed the mountain in his mountain-climbing wheelchair as much as he could and the rest of the journey on his backside with only a pair of hi-tech vinyl pants and a pair of gloves protecting him from the sharp volcanic rocks. 

Tony conquered Mount Kilimanjaro on 21 December 2002 and considers his climb to the summit one of his proudest moment. 

He shares his thoughts and experience of Kilimanjaro in his book "Attitude Plus!".