No matter how difficult the journey may seem, don’t give up. Think about how far you have come and not how far you have to go. Persistence will get you there.
— Tony Christiansen, Mountain Climber

In 2002, Tony was invited by Korean Broadcasting System to scale Africa's highest mountain, Mount Kilimanjaro with 2 other disabled Koreans. One was blind and the other had lost all his fingers to frostbite in an earlier mountain expedition. 

The expedition caused much anxiety among his family and friends. Most people did not believe he could do it. 

Tony climbed Kilimanjaro in his mountain-climbing wheelchair where it was possible and the rest of the journey, about 80% of it, on his hands and backside. He had only a pair of specially made hi-tech vinyl pants and a pair of gloves to protect him from the sharp volcanic rocks. 

Tony inspired everyone to review their attitudes and goals and showed us that nothing needs to stand in our way of our passions. His humour and creativity (especially with the trestles) made his presentation great to listen to! I couldn’t recommend him enough!
— Sarah Ulrich, Sanitarium New Zealand

Tony conquered Mount Kilimanjaro on 21 December 2002 and considers his climb to the summit one of his proudest moments. 

He wrote a journal at Kibo Hut (Altitude 4,700 metres) where he spent several days waiting for the rest of his group to return after they gained altitude sickness. Tony shares his experience and very personal thoughts of Kilimanjaro climb in his book "Attitude Plus!".