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Council committees all set

The Tauranga City Council committee structure and membership for the next three years is agreed with the process going so smoothly Councillor Murray Guy felt moved to comment.

“You should make it clear we have discussed this informally,” says Murray, referring to a recent Mills Reef workshop the councillors attended where committee structures and membership were drafted.

“The time we spent has proved to be very valuable.”

The process was completed on Wednesday with the signing off of the structure at a meeting of the full council.

Chairs and deputy chairs elected:

David Stewart is chairman of the Strategy and Policy Committee with Rick Curach deputy. All other councillors are members of both Strategy and Policy, and Projects and Monitoring. Mayor Stuart Crosby is ex officio on all committees and has voting rights.

Projects and Monitoring Committee chairman is Bill Faulkner, with Murray Guy deputy.

The Airport Committee is Bill Faulkner as chairman, Catherine Stewart as deputy, and David Stewart.

Bill Grainger is the council representative on the Racecourse Reserve Operation and Management Committee.

The Events Support and Community Investment sub committee is chaired by Larry Baldock, with deputy Tony Christiansen, and Catherine Stewart, Rick Curach, Murray Guy, Bill Faulkner and Bill Grainger as members.

The joint committee with the Western Bay of Plenty District Council includes Stuart Crosby, Bill Faulkner, Wayne Moultrie, Tony Christiansen, Terry Molloy, David Stewart, Larry Baldock as members.

Other committees

The Tauranga Marina Society: Bill Faulkner and Catherine Stewart.

Local Government Zone Two: Stuart Crosby, Catherine Stewart, Terry Molloy.

The Regional Parks Committee: Murray Guy, Bill Faulkner and Tony Christiansen.

The Mauao Steering Group: Wayne Moultrie, Larry Baldock, Catherine Stewart.

The Waiari Kaitiaki Advisory Group; chairman Terry Molloy, deputy Murray Guy, plus Rick Curach and Bill Faulkner.

The Summer Activity Taskforce: Wayne Moultrie, David Stewart, Bill Grainger.

The Property Purchase Monitoring Reference Group is an informal internal group comprising the mayor and councillors Bill Faulkner, David Stewart, Catherine Stewart and Wayne Moultrie.

The Wastewater Management Review Committee is chaired by Murray Guy, with deputy Bill Grainger, and Bill Faulkner, Rick Curach.

The Hearings Panel includes Wayne Moultrie, Stuart Crosby, David Stuart, Terry Molly, Larry Baldock, Bill Grainger and Tony Christiansen. Passing the qualification process is a requirement.

The Tauranga City Council representatives on the Bay of Plenty Regional Council’s Transport Committee are Stuart Crosby and Rick Curach. The BOPRC’s Regional Transport Committee reps are the mayor and Terry Molloy. Bill Grainger remains the council rep on the BOPRC Joint Road Safety Committee

Stuart Crosby and David Stewart are on the Bay of Plenty Civil Defence Emergency Management Group.

The SmartGrowth Implementation Joint Committee includes Mayor Stuart Crosby, Larry Baldock and Terry Molloy.

A new committee is the Hairini Link Advisory Group, a group of politicians able to provide political input on urgent matters with the New Zealand Transport Authority.

The group includes councillors Bill Grainger, Terry Molloy and Stuart Crosby.

Including the mayor, NZTA and staff, the advisory group will meet as required and report to the P&M committee.