Before the accident, I could have done 10,000 things - been an All Black, a world-class cyclist or a downhill skier - but after, I could only do 8,000 of those things. I can dwell on the 2,000 things that I could never do but I choose to focus on the 500 that will make my life great.”
— Tony Christiansen, Inspirational Speaker
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On the morning of 3 June 1967, Tony and his friend Gary Winters had gone to the railway yard to collect coal for a community project. As the two children were crossing the tracks, the train wagon shunted backwards and Tony was dragged underneath. 

As a result of this accident, Tony lost both his legs and he was only just 9 years old. He was not expected to live past the age of 20 as doctors did not believe he could deal with the pressures of life. Instead, Tony defied all odds and went on to achieve more in his life than most people would even consider trying.

Tony resides in Tauranga, New Zealand with his partner Jiun. He finds delight in every living moment and continues to share his passion and enthusiasm with audiences all over the world.