"Tony's life story is inspirational. The way he shares his story made it not only inspirational but entertaining. It had a great impact on the audience." 

Jody Dharmawan - President Director
PT Lee Cooper - Jakarta, Indonesia

"Tony shared his extensive experience of his life and is a great person and motivator. He made us reflect on our lives and gave us a big take home value."

Harris Sutresna
Entrepreneurs' Organization - Indonesia

"Dia merupakan inspirasi bagi penyandang cacat di seluruh dunia. Prestasi yang dimiliki melebihi kita yang normal, bahkan dapat just menjadi inspirasi bagi kita semua." 

Leonardus Ari
Prudential Assurance Indonesia 

"Terima kasih Tony atas contoh dan bukunya yang sangat menginspirasi, bukumu sudah saya baca lebih dari 6 kali. Dan masih terus saya baca setiap kali saya butuh dorongan lebih." 

Kusuma Putra - Online Entrepreneur 

"Tony's presentation ranked as one of the best events we've ever had!"

Jonathan Te - Chief Divisions Officer 
Cyclehaus Incorporated - Manila, Philippines 

"After listening to Tony’s presentation, I am not sure whether he is or I am the disabled person. Tony was truly inspirational not only for the disabled community but also for the rest of us."

Puan Halimah Yacob
Speaker Of Parliament - Singapore

"We had 10,000 delegates at this seminar and all of them went home with a life-changing attitude that Tony's presentation had given them. BRILLIANT!!"

Asia Pacific Life Insurance Council 

"His 'Never Say Die Attitude' is living proof of the extraordinary human spirit and I was truly and incredibly impressed with Tony." 

Jake Abdullah - GM of Programming
AMP Radio Networks - Malaysia 

"Tony is an exceptional motivational speaker. His presentation immediately changed and rebuilt my inspiration level and made me see things differently. He is not an ordinary person and he tells about a life of rich experiences."

Christina Wong - Project Manager
New Britain Palm Oil Limited 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 

"Tony Christiansen inspired me to go after my dreams."

Shannon Chow - Student
Taylor's University - Malaysia

"Your delivery was extremely engaging and inspiring. We believe that your sharing will help immensely in the career development of our agents and eventually create a new founding wave of strong leaders. You had really inspired our agents and staffs with a firing motivation and the burning desire to succeed."

Nguyen Quang Tam  Deputy CEO
Baoviet Life Corp - Hanoi, Vietnam 

"The tremendous willpower and enthusiasm coupled with exceptionally positive attitude towards life that Tony exhibits inspired us to excel no matter how challenging the circumstances are. It was a truly wonderful experience to have met Tony."

Shamit Khemka - Managing Director
Synapse Communications - Delhi, India

"I was at Tony's presentation today and was so amazed that I have engaged him to inspire 300 members of my staff right away!"

Vikram Akula - Chairperson
SKS Microfinance - Hyderabad, India 

"Tony's story was so amazing. I realise that I have the ability to achieve so much more in my life and work. I can't wait to read his book!"

Eva Zhang - Hewlett-Packard Asia Pacific