D-Day tomorrow is when the results of the local body elections will be revealed. The weeks of campaigning has been exhausting. The number of community meetings has been overwhelming and the flurry of emails, some with a long list of questions, is astonishing.

Dealing with those meetings, emails, more from the press and fellow candidates in addition to still attending Council meetings and engagements until 8pm on Tuesday and 5pm yesterday, really have taken its toll on many things. We even opened and held a blessing for the wonderful Pilot Bay Boardwalk at 7am this morning.  

So I am really glad that it is all over now and I will know tomorrow whether I get to deal with 3 more years of full-time challenges and frustration, or if I go back to my free and easy life as nothing more than a professional speaker. I would be quite happy with the outcome either way. I know Jiun would be happier with the latter outcome but bless her, she's supported me and ran my re-election campaign anyway.  

My flags have gone into storage and my signs will be taken down tonight. Half of them have been stolen and at least 1 of my ground spikes are gone. Somebody is probably fishing with it! 

In the meantime, Jiun has a list of speaking enquiries for the year end and 2014 on hold as we wait for the election results tomorrow. And as for me, I'm going to spend some time with my aging parents today and get my car ready for Speedway practice tomorrow. Oh and how could I forget Bathurst!

Finally something meaningful and good old-fashion fun!