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A Stand-Up Comedian...With No Legs?

I was invited to a stand-up comedy stint during my recent trip to Malaysia.

Timeout KL is a leading social magazine in Malaysia and every first Thursday of the month, they organise an event called Comedy Thursday at a very popular nightclub in Kuala Lumpur called Zouk.

It happened that Zak (from LiteFM) moonlights as a comedian. He thought I was pretty funny on his show and so invited me to this event, not to watch in the audience but to perform on stage as a stand-up comedian.

Well, I’d really like to do a stand-up but me? Stand up? ……… HA!

Honestly I had never done this before. I mean hey, I’m an inspirational speaker. What do I know about being a comedian?

Apparently I was pretty good at it. Either that or everybody in the room was being extremely polite!

I’d love to tell you some of the jokes that were told on stage but most of them were rated R and one guy told jokes so politically incorrect, just downright tasteless that I wouldn’t even repeat them.

In comparison, my comedy was probably the cleanest of the night. And you’d think we Kiwis have got to beat them Asians in that department, right? Wrong!!

I told a joke related to my martial arts days. I told them I hold a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. They laughed, thought it was a joke. Well, I suppose that served my purpose for the night. Ah, people’s perceptions!!! What? Just because I have no legs, I can’t kick someone in the head?

I learnt that night that I could moonlight as a “stand-up” comedian too. Or perhaps if I need a little career change from my inspirational speaker gig. You think?

I told Matt Belloti who was the organiser of Comedy Thursday, that I would love to be back at the event if ever my future trips coincided with it. So friends in Malaysia, I will keep you posted and hope you join us for a laugh.