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My Meetings Attendance Record Again

A 3rd piece about my meetings attendance has been done by the press. I can't help but wonder if they have run out of things to write about. I have been told I am an easy target but hey, if the worst thing about me as a Councillor is an 86% attendance record, then I haven't done so badly at all. 

There are people who believe that a 100% attendance record means commitment, passion, dedication and hard work. How many of you have been in Council chambers enough times to see what actually happens in there? If you have, you would know for a fact that I do far more at 86% than half of those at 100%. The Mayor and my fellow colleagues know that. The CEO and Council staff know it too.

We have Councillors who are 100% always at meetings but might as well not be because they don't contribute. We have Councillors who are at every meeting and are nothing more than time-wasters. We even have a Councillor who interrupted me mid-meeting to ask if his/her doodle of an owl looked nice. This same person questions an item on Page 1 of the agenda when we are on Page 7. Is that ok? 

So what about 100% attendance at required meetings? Was it 77 meetings in a year? Has anyone acknowledged that I was a part of at least 148 extra sub-committee and taskforce meetings? What was my attendance record for those? I don't know because they aren't recorded but I will make sure I keep a record myself if I am re-elected. At 86%, I still attended 127 meetings that I was not required to attend. There are Councillors with high attendance records who have done not 10% of the extra work I have. Anyone care to check that out? 

What is the definition of passion, commitment, dedication and hard work again please?  

I have not read any press about me for the past month and neither has Jiun. That might explain why the News section of this website has not been updated. I profusely thank those who continue to support and stand up for me. I know you're there.

I have no interest in reading the criticism of mere spectators who know only to blame or criticise other people, calling "Yay" when things are going great and "Boo" when things are not. We Kiwis are very good at that, aren't we? What did we say about Team NZ a week ago and what is being said now? 

I will always applaud those who keep going out there trying to make a difference. You are a winner to me, just because you tried your best. Your critics did not shed blood, sweat and tears. They did not go out there like you did to try your best. 

Trying to make a difference. That's all I want to do in Council and really that's all I have ever wanted to do in my life. I have consciously taken a huge pay-cut to be a Councillor, not to mention have my character assassinated in the process. How many are prepared to put themselves in that position? 

I must suspect this attendance issue may have been instigated by a fellow colleague who fears he might be the 5th highest polling At-Large candidate. If I had to guess, I would say the same person who complained about my disability

Why would he be worried? Could it be because he would basically be unemployed if he did not get re-elected? In any case, at least one member of the current Council will no longer be there. Will it be me? Perhaps.  

Am I worried? Not at all. If the difference I have made in Council is not appreciated and the difference I know I will continue to make is unwanted, the election results will show this. I will accept that this chapter in my life is short and move on to my next one.