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Had a GREAT time at LiteFM Malaysia

I recently had the opportunity to be featured on a popular radio station in Malaysia called Lite FM. I had to arrive at the station at 7.15am, which meant I was on the road by 6.45am. And guess what? Peak hour traffic had started. And it was only starting to get bright.

Coming from Tauranga, I’ll never get used to traffic in Asia. Traffic for us is a 40kph crawl. In Malaysia, it is a 5km-long parking lot!

Anyway, I digress.

I was just 5 minutes late. Nonetheless, hasty introductions were made and off I went on the Lite Breakfast Show with Zak and Sara. Those 2 were a funny bunch. I really had a great time.

After every break, Sara came back on air and went “And we have on by invitation, world's leading motivational and inspirational speaker, Tony Christiansen…..” I think she must have said that at least 10 times. By about the 4th time, I started to wonder who she was talking about. Me???

They welcomed calls from the public. So we took a few calls including one from a psychologist. Boy did I feel psycho-analysed after that!

I was impressed how fast technology had advanced. Gone are the elaborate equipment we used to see on TV; sitcoms like WYNX and even Frasier. All they need is a computer. It runs everything and that’s all the Producer has to manage.

Along with a Facebook page!! Well, at least I have one of those too! I’m not that out of date!

Prem, Zak and Sara… if you’re listening, thank you again. You guys are awesome!

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