The complaint about this "unfair" image came 3 years late.

The complaint about this "unfair" image came 3 years late.

Some of you may not know that I don't have any legs.  

When I went to the Shanghai World Expo in 2010, there were many people in rented wheelchairs, pretending to be disabled so they could go to the "special" lane. 

I assure you that I am not pretending nor have my legs been Photoshopped.  

Yet last week, a Council staff told me that one of the other Councillors had raised a complaint about my disability. It seems that this Councillor claimed that I was using my disability to gain an advantage in the local body elections. 

I begged the staff's pardon.  But it was true. I was amusingly offended. The staff was suitably entertained. 

Apparently, this person observed recently my photo in some election booklet from the 2010 local body elections and claimed that mine was a full body shot while everybody else only had head shots.  

2010 elections? It's 2013 now, isn't it? Oh wait! It's election year, of course! Well, that explains a lot. This person must be feeling really threatened by me. 

My 2010 Election billboard

My 2010 Election billboard

Funny enough, I haven't even decided if I would run for Council again. That place is a dark dark place.  

I remember using only 1 image for elections back in 2010. It was from a collection I have for my speaking career. I used the same image on my campaign billboards and it was cropped into a clear head shot despite its size. The same image in high resolution was submitted to Elections NZ and it was not cropped. That was not my doing. 

The staff admitted fault and eventually did not tell me who the grumpy Councillor was. It was fair enough and I respected this decision.

 I have a good guess. One particular Councillor has been openly attacking the elderly and disabled on social media lately and you know what they say, there is no such thing as a coincidence.